Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Christmas through Pictures

Since I am over a month late on updating what we did over Christmas, I figured that I would share with you through pictures.  It will be faster this way!

 In no particular order, here are some more Disney princess dolls that Harper received.  

 Elias man playing in his new toy storage bin.

 More princesses!

 Opening presents!  YAY!!!

 I got some very beautiful Uzbek pottery from the market.  I love it and want to add to my collection!

 Stocking time!

 Who doesn't love a splurge of Dr. Pepper every now and then?

 Starbucks sold Christmas flavored syrup.  That was a surprise to me.

 We made gingerbread houses with some friends as few days after Christmas.  These were purchased from IKEA!!!  PTL for some prepackaged goodies.

 The fam on Christmas Eve celebrating with teammates and acting out the Christmas story.  Such fun!

 My tradition (as of now) of Cinnamon rolls and pigs in a blanket.  Cinnamon roll dough was bought from our grocery store.  They sell dough that they have made.  It is fresh, awesome, and fast.

 Reading the Christmas Story on Christmas morning before all the present opening.

 Acting out the Christmas Story.

 Our little tree with some presents.

 Our even smaller tree with more presents!

 My new nativity scene.  I love it.  Got this at the market too.  It is hand carved from wood.

 If you knew us in Louisville, then you may know my White Chocolate Peppermint Cake.  I made it this year because some great people brought over white chocolate chips for me from the States.

The awesome spread at a friend's house on Christmas night.  We ate well, my friends, very well!

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