Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Break From the Norm

We were blessed to get to go to Turkey for 10 days, just a little over two weeks ago now.  Here are some pictures from our time there.  We loved seeing old friends, making new ones and soaking up all the warmth and sunshine.

A funny story:  When we landed back in Moscow, Harper was sleeping.  I had to wake her up so that we could get off the plane.  She was not happy.  Then we had to gear up before we got off.  She was already crying, then she cried more, and when we stepped off the plane she cried even more!  There was no jetway (jet bridge or gate), we had to exit the plane and then get on a bus and ride it to the airport.  This is not an unusual experience where we live.  When we got off the plane, it hit us.  The COLD and SNOW!!!!  She was still crying on the bus and all the way to the airport.  The locals started joking that she was just expressing how everyone felt.  They all wished that they could cry too, but couldn't.  They said, "she is thinking, where did you bring me?  Where is the sun, the ocean, the ice cream, the warmth?  It is not here.  It is cold here and there is snow on the ground."  It was pretty funny because we all felt the same way!!!

Here are some pictures from our time having fun in the sun!

 Harper with a friend.  It is so sweet to see her playing and having fun with friends.  We hated to leave this!

 Harper with her friend and her friend's sister.  Seeing sisters together makes Harper want a sister even more.  She says that she wants there to be 2 boys and 2 girls because she knows that this next baby is going to be a boy!

 They are crazy.  That water was cold.  Ha.  But they don't care.

 Sweet sweet friends!

 This cracks me up!

Harper getting her face painted like a princess, of course! 

 Harper's friend getting her face painted too!

 Elias getting some girl love! Haha.

 Three cute princess rugrats!

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