Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A White Christmas

We had the inevitable first snow a few days ago.  I do have to say that it is quite beautiful.  It snowed for three days straight and then took a small break.  I think it is probably snowing again now.  I say, "I think" because you see, I haven't stepped foot outside in days.  That's right folks, I have become a hermit.  Especially now, trying to get two kids suited up in snow gear so tight that they look like the Michelin man and can barely walk or move their arms, is a bit too ambitious for me.  If I don't suit them up properly I will get yelled at, and I can't handle getting yelled at right now.  Ha.  Plus, it's in the 20's out there.  One day it was 14 F already. This South Carolina bred girl can't handle this cold.  I cry.   We recently moved to a new city, and I'm sure by now that everyone in our neighborhood has heard that the Americans live in Apt. 9.  I have already been stared at, scolded, scoffed at and snickered at for having Elias in the Ergo.  For some reason, everyone thinks I am trying to suffocate him in there with the hood up.  AHHHH!!!   So I just can't get up enough oomph to get out the door.  We can't seem to get out the door without both kids breaking down at the same time anyway.  It's just too much work.  But then there's the reason that we're meet people.  It seems that I need to get outside to meet people, right?!  I won't be a hermit forever, I promise.  It is just really hard right now.  There are two benefits that I see to the snow....

1.  It hides all the dirt, trash, and glass.  It really makes everything seem so much more beautiful here.
2.  It is really dark and gray here.  You know, the kind of weather that can make you have SAD.  But, light reflects off the snow and it makes it seem brighter outside. :)

I do actually get out a little more than I portrayed.  I do get to go to class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two hours plus travel time, but I can only go straight there and come straight back because I still have an infant who needs to eat! :)

I think it is safe to say that it looks like we'll have a White Christmas.  

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  1. Praying and thinking about you friend, and thankful that you and your fam are in the Father's hands. xoxoxoxoxo