Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The long awaited name...

Elias Paton McCartney

So how did we finally come up with this name?!  In our country, the meaning of names are very important and a question that we get every time we talk about Harper's name.  We knew that we wanted our son's name to lead to good news conversations about what is most important to us.  We also knew that we wanted a name that would easily translate into other languages.  It is funny how you begin thinking about these things when you live in another country.

So what's the meaning of Elias?  Elias means: the Lord is my God or Yahweh is my God.  In English,  it is pronounced ee-LYE-us and is a biblical name of the Greek form of Elijah.  In Russian, it is Ilya.  We do hope his name will lead to many interesting conversations.

Where did Paton come from?  Paton is the last name of John G. Paton a "sent out" one to the Cannibals.  He is basically our hero here in the McCartney household, and his father, James Paton, is a role model for Matt.  You can listen to John Piper's "Lessons from the Life of John G. Paton."  We hope you will take time to learn more about this amazing saints life.  It will greatly challenge and encourage you.

We love his name!  We are thankful we finally agreed on a name and one that has significance to us as well!  Although, his name will not be official until we get his birth certificate and passport, it is official to us! ;)

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