Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Time & Squatty Potties

Do you know what a squatty potty is? If you have never seen one or experienced one you are in for quite the experience. It's basically a hole in the ground that you stand on top of and do your business. You better have some good aim too! Some are very humble while others have porcelain. It all depends on where you are at the time. Wikipedia calls it a squat toliet. Nationals prefer these squatty potties to our western toilets. You may even catch the nationals standing on top of our western toilets because they believe that squatty potties are more hygienic. Squatty potty stools are actually being marketed now. You can look them up at This is what you will encounter pretty much on a daily basis when you visit a non-western country. This is their typical public toliets. So as you can imagine, if you have children, you would need to train them in using the squatty. I can recall a friend who was training her son on how to use the squatty. Her son was so excited about this new adventure he created his own squatty in his bedroom with a Quaker Oats can. Talk about working on aim! I must admit, you gotta give the boy some credit with his imagintion and creativity. Never and I mean NEVER did I think I would live to tell a similar story. ;) As most of you know, we are getting some new wallpaper in our apartment. It is not in a livable condition at the moment. Therefore, we moved into our friend's house for a week. We found out the day before we moved in that their sewer pipe had broken and that we would need to use their outhouse squatty potty for the next 10 days. This family is western, and so their outhouse had not been used in years and was filled with bugs. Oh, you can imagine how that did not excite this 7 month pregnant woman! I had Matt google, yes google, "what to do if your sewer pipe breaks?" He came up with some pretty intresting and creative solutions to our problem. Our favorite of which was finding a big bucket, lining it with trash bags, and filling it with kitty litter. Now, I am not going to admit who actually used this method, especially in the middle of the night, but I personally found this to be a genius idea, amusing, and embarrasing all at the same time. Ok let's just admit it, my husband had just created for me my very own personal squatty bucket with kitty litter that let out a fresh scent when I peed on it! hahahahahaha!!!!! I can see you all laughing now. This is life overseas friends. This is the stuff books are written about. Also, the same week, summer defiitely hit our city. You would never imagine our country getting hot. If you know where we live, you might think that it is always cold or that it is only mildly warm in the summer, but you are wrong. We have two extremes, cold and hot. The high was 97 one day. Because we live in a country that has winter 7-9 months of the year, air conditioning is a luxury. So my experience living in 97 degree weather with only one fan, no air conditiong and peeing on kitty litter has got to be the highlight of our 6 months living overseas. Hope you feel blessed where you are today! ;) I know that I will be better because of this one day, and now I have a story for the grandkids! On a side note: We did buy a swimming pool that Harper could play in and that I could also sit in with her to keep cool during the afternoons.


  1. Great story lol. Thinking of you during all this transition. You are one tough lady.

  2. Hahaha, I still love this story!