Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Big Sister

In the early morning or during nap time, big sister Harper likes to climb into her brother's crib and play with him.  It actually helps him to stop crying and to calm him down.  They are often in there laughing together.  That is when I know that something is up.  We started finding her in his crib around the time he was 4 months old.  Albeit, this may be a little dangerous, but it sure is cute.  The other day I found her in his crib trying to change his diaper.  This is also not the first time she has tried to change his diaper all by herself.  Haha.  He was completely naked in his crib and she had managed to get the diaper off but did not have time to put another diaper on him before I figured out that she was in his crib.  She is a great big sister and loves her brother very much, but we did tell her to stop climbing in his crib.  Ha.  She often does funny things with her brother when I am washing dishes or cooking.  Here is a picture of another time she decided to "paint their faces."

I could not enforce discipline after this matter because I busted out into laughter after I saw both of their faces and especially Elias's.  He looks somewhat like a cat.  The glitter pen just makes it.  Ha.

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  1. This is adorable! It's good that you have a willing helper. When Harper is just a bit older, you will put that "helpfulness" to use! For now, it's just stinkin hilarious. Also, let Harper know she is a great artist. Hope to see you soon, friend! Check your FB messages:)