Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our New Nest

One of my favorite things about our new city is that on a clear day you can see snow capped mountain peaks from all over the city.  When I am riding on public transportation I love looking out the window and seeing the mountains.  I have yet to capture this stunning view on camera.  It just isn't as beautiful as what I see in person.

Some of my favorite things about our New Nest & City:

The Park:  We have a HUGE park in the center of the city.  It has a yellow brick road and is one of the largest parks in Europe.  I can't wait for warmer weather and sunny days to explore the park more.

We have a mall.  It is a small mall without a food court, but granted it is a mall that resembles a mall in America with some relatively good stores.  I am thankful.  :)

We have a Subway, as in the chain restaurant.

It is twice the size of our old city.

By Russian standards, our apartment is one of the nicest that I have ever seen.

We have a big market near our apartment.

There is a very small park near our apartment that has a playground in the grass.  We went there one day and found cows grazing around the playground equipment, so my children couldn't play that day.  Haha.

There are some good restaurants here.  Just yesterday I went to a new French bakery in town.  It was awesome!

Some negatives or hardships:

We still do not have DSL Internet.  I think I wrote that it can take months here.  It has already been 4 months for us.  There is a family here that it took a whole year for them to get their Internet hooked up. Craziness.

My children don't get to play outside or even get outside very often.  There is broken glass all over our so-called playground right outside our apartment door.  The playground equipment consist of a broken half-slide.  Haha.

Our location is hard at times.  We don't live in the center so I can't just step outside and go to our big nice park or just walk down sidewalks.  We live about 15 minutes from the center by car and about 30 to 40 by public transportation.   We live near a village outside of town.

Here are some pictures of our apartment at Christmas.  I will take more pictures and post them soon.

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