Friday, September 28, 2012

Life with KIDS

Wow, it is incredible how fast time goes these days.  I feel like Elias was born yesterday, but it has already been 5 weeks.  Sorry for the silence and delay in updating everyone on our lives.  If you really think about it, I just gave birth in a foreign country and in a city that is new to me.  We are still in survival mode.  Things have been just a little busy. ;)  We have been trying to function and figure out life as best as we can with lack of sleep and being away from our home.  Our days have been random, full, fun, overwhelming, exhausting, and such a blessing all at the same time.  Although, I have had my fair share of chocolate and pumpkin spice lattes since having a baby.  I very well DO NOT have it all figured out or have everything together.  We are working on figuring out a routine that works well for our family and that can travel with us.  So thankful for maternity leave to give us time to work on this, and well, God's Grace!  And now, it's time for some pictures.

 Elias at 1 week

 Daddy with the kids

 Elias and Harper's baby hanging out

 The famous football hold (this is how we held Harper for about the first 3 mos. of her life)

 Big Sister and Baby Brother

Elias at ONE MONTH (although, he looks like a 3 mo. old)

Although things are busy, we are loving every bit of it.  These kids are a joy and are for sure keeping us on our knees.  This is sanctification in the flesh!  We of course have our good days and our bad days, things are tough, but we wouldn't trade it for anything.  Our loving Father knows exactly what we need.  May we draw nearer to Him.  

We only have a few days left in our country's capitol before moving again to another city, but still not our home.  Continue to remember us as we travel and stay in transition for a while.  I have plans to get in at least one more pumpkin spice latte before we leave. :)  Also, in an effort to figure out life with two, to make an easier transition, and for language and culture adaption, I am signing off Facebook for a while (Sadly, I spend way too much idle time lurking on there).  Please continue to check our blog, subscribe to it, email and or Skype me!  

We love you and miss you and would love to hear from you.  Leave a comment.

McCartney party of 4 ;)


  1. Glad for the update! Will be praying for your transition!

  2. Love the photos, but how come there are none of you?!?! And I'm so excited to see you guys soon...the girls will have to play a bunch. And jealous of the pumpkin spice won't find them here. =(

  3. It's good to see an update! :) Did you guys get my recent email? Wondering where to send a package or if it would be better to just hang on to it for a little while yet. I want to send it to where it would be most needed so I can certainly keep it here for a bit.