Wednesday, March 21, 2012

18 wk. bump

Yesterday marked 18 weeks.  I feel like this pregnancy is flying by.  The baby is due on or around August 21, 2012.  We will have been here only 7 months when this precious blessing arrives.  This is sure to be an adventure, but I am also encouraged by hubby who constantly reminds me, "We got this babe."  If you know us then you know he likes to say this phrase and we often joke about it. ;)  Until now, I often forgot that I was even pregnant.  We live a busy life around here!  But there's no denying it now.  I am definitely showing.  I was able to hide it for quite sometime from my peers at aerobics and dance, but now the belly has reached the uncomfortable hard stage, already!  In just a couple of weeks we will have the big revealing!  Until then, enjoy these photos!

 Harper wants to have her picture taken too.  Like mommy, like daughter!

 Matt's 4.5 month picture.  This is definitely not what he really looks like; he is pushing it out.  I don't think this boy could gain weight if he tried!

 Love that my little girl wants to do what I do!

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